Introducing StarChain

Introducing StarChain

Astronomical Science

Paving the way to open science for all.



What is StarChain?

StarChain is a pioneering crypto project dedicated to astronomical exploration and knowledge sharing. Leveraging the security, transparency, and efficiency of the Polygon blockchain, we offer a unique platform for tracking and discovering astronomical objects. Our goal is to create a decentralized hub where the cosmos is no longer the exclusive domain of elite scientific institutions but a shared treasure trove open to exploration by the global community.

StarChain is a pioneering crypto project dedicated to astronomical exploration and knowledge sharing. Leveraging the security, transparency, and efficiency of the Polygon blockchain, we offer a unique platform for tracking and discovering astronomical objects. 


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Use Cases

StarChain tackles a multitude of problems we see in the astronomical science space

Tracking Astronomical Objects

StarChain provides real-time data and tracking capabilities for a wide array of celestial bodies. Whether you’re following the journey of a comet, monitoring the phases of the moon, or keeping an eye on distant galaxies, our platform ensures that the universe is at your fingertips.

Discovering Astronomical Objects Using AI

We build cutting-edge artificial intelligence to analyze vast amounts of astronomical data. This not only aids in the discovery of new celestial phenomena but also enhances our understanding of the cosmos. Through AI, we’re unlocking the mysteries of the universe, one discovery at a time.

Astronomical Science

StarChain is committed to the open sharing of knowledge. By decentralizing astronomical data, we empower individuals and communities around the world to participate in scientific discovery and research. Our platform is a testament to our belief that the wonders of the universe should be accessible to all, fostering a global community of curious minds and avid explorers.

Rewarding Scientific Contributions

At StarChain, we recognize the pivotal role that astronomers, researchers, and scientists play in unlocking the mysteries of the universe. Our platform is dedicated not just to the democratization of space exploration but also to ensuring that those who contribute their expertise and discoveries are fairly compensated.

StarChain Token

StarChain Token or STRC is backbone of StarChain’s ecosystem. It serves multiple purposes, from enabling transactions and access to premium features on our platform to rewarding contributors and researchers who share valuable data and insights. By integrating blockchain technology, StarToken ensures transparency, security, and efficiency in every transaction and interaction within the StarChain universe.

Token Information

Ticker: STRC

Name: StarChain Token

Total Supply: 500’000’000 STRC

Network: Polygon Network

Contract: 0xe84031d4eDc573dca7Ba0a042Aeb76b8959E053D

Our papers

Learn more about StarChain, how it works and its technical ins and outs.


Objects Tracked


Anomalies Discovered


Data Shared


Astronomical Data


Datapoints Used In Training


Hours Of Model Training Time

Holder Distribution

StarChain is a truly decentralised organization. To keep it this way we pay very close attention to holder distribution and will always make sure that no centralized entity controls more then 10% of StarChain Tokens.

Our Roadmap

Foundational Stage

  • Define the project’s mission, vision and core values.
  • Conduct initial research and feasibility studies on the integration of AI with blockchain technology for star analysis by understanding the current state of astronomical data and AI capabilities.
  • Develop a project plan outlining the scope, timeline, resources, and budget.

Proof of Concept

  • Demonstrate the feasibility of using Starchain’s AI to spot astronomical anomalies.
  • Develop initial testnet drafts of StarChain DataStore.
  • Obtain peer reviews from fellow astronomical scientists.

Data Collection

  • Gather all astronomical data which is already publicly accessible.
  • Secure vital partnerships for data access to proprietary data and integrate it with StarChain DataStore.
  • Ensure the data is primed for AI training, laying the groundwork for the AI. Preprocess data for consistency, quality, and usability in AI training (e.g., normalisation, augmentation).

AI Development

  • Design and train AI models for star classification, leveraging state-of-the-art algorithms like convolutional neural networks tailored for astronomical image analysis.
  • Refine these models with extensive training and validation on specific datasets, ensuring high accuracy and efficiency in star identification.
  • Build easy-to-use API’s to ensure StarChain AI can be used without extensive training.

Smart Contract Development

  • Build secure smart contracts on Polygon which are crucial for managing star data and rewarding contributions, while setting up decentralised authority management for users. 
  • Deploy these smart contracts on the blockchain, enabling transparent and efficient interactions within our platform, paving the way for a new era in astronomical research and data exchange.

PoC Evaluation / Testing

  • Evaluate our AI’s effectiveness in uncovering new astronomical discoveries, ensuring it operates with the highest accuracy and efficiency, while ensuring the blockchain’s data integrity, security and accessibility. 
  • Run stress-tests using the biggest available datasets against StarChain DataStore to ensure its scalability.
  • Patch any discovered bugs which might be discovered.

Community Engagement / Growth

  • Initiate a beta testing program, inviting enthusiasts and scientists to contribute data and provide valuable feedback.
  • Form partnerships with academic and research institutions, leveraging their expertise for data verification and enhancement.
  • Create media articles and further grow social media presence in order to gain recognition.


Officially release our platform to the public, showcasing the culmination of our efforts in integrating AI with blockchain for astronomical exploration.

This milestone will mark the availability of Starchain to users worldwide, allowing everyone to contribute data, utilize the AI for new discoveries, and earning rewards while doing so.

We’ll celebrate the launch with events and collaborations, highlighting the contributions of our community and partners. This stage represents not just the beginning of Starchain’s journey but a new era in democratized space exploration and data sharing.


  • Create even bigger incentives for contribution.
  • Host events to promote StarChain among the scientific community.
  • Expand to different scientific areas.

Foundational Stage

Conduct initial research and feasibility studies on the integration of AI with blockchain technology for star analysis.


We utilise the public immutable nature of the Polygon blockchain to securely store, share, and verify astronomical data, ensuring transparency and reliability.

We allow individuals to submit all kinds of astronomical data and discoveries. Join our private beta to learn more.

You’ll be rewarded in StarChain Tokens for any verifiable data you share with the StarChain ecosystem.

Yes, anyone will be able to access the datastore. As of now it’s only available to private beta participants.

StarChain uses an advanced cryptographic hashing algorithm to guarantee data security and integrity.

We’re always looking for additional hands! Contact us support@starchain.dev for further information

You can join our discord and follow our Twitter to get notified whenever theres an update.


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